which toronto uni should I apply to?

  1. Hey, guys! I'm a gr.12 student in Alberta right now and recently found out I need to apply to a university in Toronto. I'm looking to get my bachelor of nursing. I would love ANY information about the U of T, York or Ryerson programs. Did any of you go to one of these universities? How did you like the program? Do any of them have cbl (because I want to avoid that)? Did you get to have any hospital based practice in the first year? I'll be insanely grateful for any scraps of info seeing as I did not plan on studying in Toronto and haven't gotten a lot of research done on any of the unis there.
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  3. by   905RN
    I did not attend any of the universities that you list but worked in downtown Toronto hospitals for 18 years and precepted many many nursing students. IMHO the students from Ryerson were leaps and bounds ahead of the students from U of T when it comes to practical hands on experience. Students from U of T may have the theoretical knowledge but lacked severely in direct bedside patient care. Every summer, soon after graduation, we would have a group of new grads starting all at the same time. With few exceptions I could accurately tell which students were U or T grads and which were Ryerson. The Ryerson students were much more relaxed and better prepared to work bedside. I also found the clinical instructors from Ryerson more approachable and readily available than the U of T instructors. IMHO My recommendation for anyone considering an RN degree from a downtown Toronto university to attend Ryerson.
  4. by   dishes
    Of the three you listed Ryerson is the university with a straight 4 year BScN program, U of T has a fast track program and York has a collaborative program and a fast track program. I know Ryerson does not use context based learning and I don't think U of T or York do either.