What job did you have for OPT? What job did you have for OPT? | allnurses

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What job did you have for OPT?

  1. 0 Hello.

    I am a senior nursing student (and an International F1 student) studying at a 4 year nursing program.

    I know that retrogression is causing many people out of work. (trust me, I hear stories of new grads not landing a job on a weekly basis nowadays). I know and accept the fact that it may be even hard for me to land a job for my OPT. I am well aware of the current economical situation in the US, and Canada. I have back up plans. I can go back to my own country if things all fail.

    HOWEVER, I do want to try my best and see what options I have and see what other people have done, even if the chances are limited and might be close to nothing.

    I want to see what people have done for their OPT.
    If any International student nurses had a job for OPT, what jobs did you have? What were the strengths that you pointed out in your interview to present yourself as a good candidate?

    Thank you