To err is human; To forgive, Divine

  1. I have just stepped into a world wherein I am holding my license. During the start of it all, I have made major adjustments from being a student to being a registered individual. Honestly, I am still adjusting. But in this world, especially in cases wherein the ratio of nurse to patients is to large, one is bound to make mistakes. How do you handle such events? I am scared and even before, no matter how minor, recovering from an error is hard for me. I sulk for minimum of a week, then I go through DABDA. During those times, I think to myself of how stupid I am when others wouldn't have made such a mistake. Whenever such a thing happens, I always tell my supervisor, they always say it's ok. Sometimes, I think that if ever I made one, I am not destined to be a nurse.

    Any of your kind words would greatly be appreciated.
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