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    hello co nurses, i just want to ask if the st. lukes global city is open for hiring nurse trainee/ volunter?

    thanks.. hope i can get a replies from u guys

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    as far i know, they will not hire for a long time because there are hundreds of pending applicants still waiting to be processed. However, it is best to call or visit them once a while to get updates/
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    thnks arch =)
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    Ok, so I learned late that it isn't advisable to put on yur resume that you passed NCLEX. Now what? My interview is coming soon. What do you think I should say if they ask about it? I'm doomed! But even if I didn't put it on my resume. I don't think I could lie if they asked about it though. What's an honest to goodness answer I could give to earn me their trust? I really don't want to lie. I suck at it. I just want them to trust me.
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    I passed my resume here last April 2009.. I have been waiting for more than a year now.. :-(
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    HEllo fellow nurses!I'm planning to submit my resume this week at st lukes global city but I don't know how to get anybody here who can help me? By the way I'm from marikina city..thanks in advance
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    i don't think that slmc global city is hiring any new nurses right now! I know some nurses who work there.
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    they accepted our resumes but they told us that it is for pooling purposes only..but it's ok!
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    @jhella; did you submit your resume in Q.C or in Global City?
    So, you just submitted your resume only?
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    Quote from felicitypaul
    @jhella; did you submit your resume in Q.C or in Global City?
    So, you just submitted your resume only?

    Yes, the girl in the HRD at st lukes gobal city only ask for our comprehensive resumes..

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