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  1. I'm a RN currently working in Florida. My husband is active duty Navy. He is picking orders for his next 3 years of sea time. We will find out in the next month if we are moving to Naples, Italy or Japan. I'm very nervous about quiting my nursing position in the states to move overseas since I'm not eager to become unemployed. I have a lot of school debt and I feel that his income alone combined with my school debt will make our lives too tight for comfort. I want to move with him in order to feel like a family again since he is currently on a one year deployment and I've been missing him terribly these past few months. I don't want to choose between my current job versus spending the next few years with him. He means more to me than a job. I realize that a job overseas will likely mean my salary will decrease, which I'm ok with since I'm more concerned about not losing my nursing skills or losing my mind from not having a job at all.
    I was wondering if any other military wives or travel nurses have found any useful websites to search for jobs in Italy or Japan? I have been searching the internet for days but all I can find is websites saying they provide international jobs. And when I enter in healthcare, nursing, RN, so forth everything comes up empty. Or the website just talks about how hard it is to find a job and to search usajobs but even this website comes up empty. Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   itsnowornever
    Have you contacted the FRG a to see if they have contacts for jobs over seas?
  4. by   TRAVELNURSE2
    naples.it and japan all have major hospitals as a wife u go to the head of the line. u will get a job if u want it. and the dod schools there will hire u. enjoy urself