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RN Heals Batch 3

  1. 0 Did anyone applied?

    Is it true that RNHeals nurses from batch1 with great evaluation outcome from chief nurses where they were deployed will be part of this batch??
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    I think so. Apparently they would accept previous RN Heals nurses if they have a great evaluation to be part of the succeeding batches. I thought RN Heals said they provide a chance for everyone to have a work experience so they can be hired by other hospitals requiring this.
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    I learned from a staff of CHD- Metro Manila that all nurses that will be part of this program will be deployed on community (health centers).
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    I actually applied last month for this batch 3 but they mentioned that they will release the result of initial interview on the third week of Feb.
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    Called the HRD of CHD- Metro Manila just this morning. The one who is the head of RNHeals is on a meeting today. The personnel whom I talked with told me that they will call those who will be part of batch 3
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    so there would be no chance at all for us new nurses?? just recently got my license..
    after rn heals what kind of certificate are we getting???
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    Maybe wait for Batch 4, if there will be. As far as I know, chosen applicants were already interviewed here in Metro Manila.

    Two certificates were given to RN Heals Batch 1 nurses, Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Competency.
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    I applied for RN Heals Calabarzon.
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    me too, I applied for Region 4a
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    I called DOH Calabarzon earlier and they said that there are still no results for the initial interview and application.
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    thanks for the info simplydonna.
    i hope they'll be releasing the result by the end of the month. Prolonging agony ...
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    Haha you're welcome. I hope so. Good luck to us. Are you batch 2011 too @hyds_rn?
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    Nope. I'm from batch 2010.