Psychiatric nursing advice (canadian nurses)

  1. I want to work at a psychiatric unit but want to do a refresher course. Anybody know which school offers this. Any advice on what I should do to learn more about psychiatric nursing? I've been working in paediatrics for 8 years now and I think I need a change.
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  3. by   dishes
    Have you searched using Google? Search mental health certificate programs for the province in which you live and you should find what you are looking for, for example, a search of Ontario programs, led to a website that lists 9 colleges that offer mental health certificate programs
  4. by   denisk
    I've google searched it already and yes I'm familiar with it. I have called the schools listed on that website but they said they did not have any mental health nursing course.

    If someone is familiar with the course code and the school that offer the course please list it.

    Anybody else have any advice on how to better prepare myself or increase my chances into getting a psych job?
  5. by   dishes
    Are you in Ontario?

    Also, consider joining RNAO's special interest group for mental health nursing

    CAMH has online courses
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  6. by   dishes
    There are mental health first aid workshops available

    consider volunteering with a non-profit organization that promotes mental health
  7. by   denisk
    Thank you for the kind reply dishes. Yes I'm from Ontario, Etobicoke to be exact. I will look up and call the places you have listed. Thanks again.
  8. by   dishes
    I think, based on recent media reports about suicide prevention and anti-bullying, that there will be more public awareness about youths and mental health and as a result there may be more mental health youth programs in the future. You chose a good time to consider a career in psychiatric nursing and your pediatric experience may make you a natural to work with youths and mental health. Good luck with your plans.
  9. by   27400
    I saw somewhere that they have an nursing residency program for Mental Health.