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Pre-Health Sciences (BScN)

  1. 0 I was wondering if taking a Pre-Health Science (BScN) course wherever they are offered, would make me eligible for any BScN course offered in Ontario? e.g. Let's say I took the Pre-Health Science course over at Mohawk College, could I take the BScN course over at Ryerson instead of McMaster?

    What about taking a General Arts and Science course? Where would my eligibility stand upon completion, as far as pursuing a career in Health Care?

    I really would like to attend a university closer to my family down here in Scarbrough, Seneca's Pre-Health Science programs say that you would be able to apply to the Seneca/York, and Mohawk enables you to apply for Mohawk/McMaster. I know that McMaster is a great school, but it's too far and I'm not too sure about the nursing program offered at York. If possible Ryerson is what I'm aiming for. I shouldn't have slacked off... I guess this is the price that I have to pay?
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    There are no guarantees. Nursing programs are competitive everywhere. Taking a pre-health program will not automatically allow you entrance into the nursing programs. Aim for good grades, apply to a few schools and hope for the best.
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    And yes, it doesn't really matter where you take the pre health program. You can apply anywhere for your BScN.
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    I'm doing the General Arts and Science at Humber and only Humber will accept me. I was looking into all the schools last year and it seems they will mainly only accept those who took the pre-health at their school. However, if you're looking at ryerson-GB has a pre-health that only will work to get into practical nursing, not BscN. I'd contact all the schools and ask them incase things have changed since last year as things could