please help im confused!!

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    i was an x abroad from saudi arabia, has 4 yrs xp from icu in a tertiary hospital. i resigned since october and right i am torn. my target country is uae- abu dhabi preferably, i had my dataflow on process but so confused what to do next,
    -should i be employed in a hospital here in pi and wait until i passed the haad?
    -grab the chance to be home care nurse?(they deploy nurses with or without haad with reasonable salary between 5000-8000)
    -should i take an emt-i course and take my cousin's advice to go there as visit?

    please help im desperate..
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    anybody had any better idea? please share.
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    Review and take Haad then take chances after that.
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    Should i employ?
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    Find a job with a night shift sched so you can still have enough time to process and follow up your applications in the morning. I had the same dilemma but when i got employed in a day shift sched i had problems with sched that caused delay in my applications. If not a night shift sched, try a work with flexible working sched like being a medical representative. It's really a matter of how you'll gonna manage your time.
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    Didnt your employer question you about your last working xp? I mean, it's out of track.
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    I think you need to take and pass the HAAD first. Then from there, look for agency (no placement fee) here in the PI that will help you.
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    Problem is haad process will take ages specially now that it's a must to undergo dataflow verification first and im unemployed since oct.