OIIQ exam I have looked for help online but could not find

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    My name is Anna. I am Polish. I immigrated to Canada in November 2009. I live in Montreal. I am a Candidate for the Profession of Nursing. I would like to join a team to get some help in the preparation for the OIIQ exam. Until now I have heard about one group going to commence the study in June but I was refused the contact details. I was told my skin color was not right to participate. What can I say? Maybe my son, a mixed child, is going to be more accepted in this multi - ethnic community :-) ?
    So, at the moment I am left with nothing. My and Julian's (2 year-old) survival in Quebec depends on my future job. If you know a group where I would be welcomed, could you pass me a phone number or an email address, or leave me a message please?

    Thank you,
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