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Nursing applicant

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I'm so glad I found this site! It's wonderful!

    I am 28, currently working in education, but want to change career paths into nursing. It's a big change, as I'm single, have a full time perm job, and a mortgage. Returning to school would mean selling the house, moving home with the parents for awhile, and basically starting over.

    I really want to complete a BScN. I have a degree in Psych, but my marks weren't great. My average was 69%. After talking with a few schools, a couple of them have actually been honest and told me not to apply because I wouldn't be considered with the programs being so competitive (I'm thankful for their honesty - saves me a lot of money!). Regardless, I've applied to Mo-Mac collab program, and Niagara PN. I decided to apply to PN because it starts in May, and I want to get a move on! I figure it might be slightly less competitive, too.

    I'm debating on applying to prehealth to upgrade my marks. I don't know if I should try to do PN and then transition to BScN, or do prehealth and then apply to BScN. Both would take 5 years. What are your suggestions on the easier route (easier in terms of admission).

    I want to stay in the Hamilton/Niagara/Halton. Any advice on the best places for me to apply?
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    Hi Emmy,
    I'm starting PN at Mohawk this January. I considered the options the same way as you did- either way, it was going to be 5 years. So my reasoning was that if I do the PN course, and decide that I can hack 3 more years of school- then the option is open to me. If after 2 years I've had enough (I'm also a mature student, but I have a family with 2 young sons) then at least I have something completed that I can go out and work with. This might be something to consider for you, because I think some people work as PN's while they finish the PN-> BScN bridging course. The money is also a consideration- the BScN program is considerably more than the PN program. I'm not sure how the two routes stack up overall- that would be an interesting comparison.
    I'm sure you're right about the May start for PN being a little less competitive- I think they get many more applications for the September starts. Mohawk only has September and January starts, and they are 16 continuous months with short breaks between the 4 semesters. Not to say that it will be easy no matter when you apply- the rumour was that they had over 1000 applicants to the January 2012 start, and I think they take about 80.
    From what I've heard, Pre-Health is a solid way to get yourself into the BScN program, as long as your grades are up to snuff, but I'm not sure what the criteria are for getting in. I was accepted to that program too (I applied in case my PN application was rejected). I really don't know anything about the admission process for the PN->BScN bridge program, so I can't comment on that.
    I hope that helps a bit! Oh, and.....