New grad employment at naval hospital in Okinawa, Japan

  1. I'm going to graduate in May with my BSN. My boyfriend is in the Marine Corps and is getting stationed in Okinawa no later than June 20th, 2011. We are considering getting married before then so I can go over with him. I'm just curious if anyone knows any information about the process of getting a job as an RN at the naval hospital on base. I've heard it's very difficult to get a job and many people have to start by volunteering at the Red Cross and get a year experience. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    You could start here:
    USNH Job Announcements

    The only people that I know that work there or have worked there were AD folks, so I really don't know much about civilian employment, but the link says they have 10+ openings for nurses, so maybe there some hope. =) Good luck!