Master's Degree without sufficient work experience

  1. Hi! I just wanted to know what are the advantages of finishing a Master's Degree in a different country if a nurse does not have sufficient work experience. Does this decrease the chances of getting a job, considering that you have finished higher studies but do not have enough work experience? I only need to study for one more year, and I'll be done with my Masters here in the Philippines. However, I have relatives in other states that discouraged me from finishing it because employers might not want to hire a person with higher studies but does not have significant experience. I hope you can help me with this. Enrollment will start next week, and I hope to get advice from that can help me decide. Thanks
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  3. by   elle_charming
    You know on the contrary, getting a masters degree in Nursing offers a lot of advantage compared to having a bachelor's degree... but you see, you're problem is that you have inadequate experience yet.. well it can be resolved if after you finished your masters go and seek for experience... but don't expect higher salary at the beginning if your reason is simply because you have higher educational background...
    Just be humble and do a good job... Pray also helps..
  4. by   elle_charming
    I finished my Masters last April 2010 and now I am currently working here in KSA as a head nurse... What I actually applied for is a staff nurse position but after 2 months of working here, thank God, I was promoted as the new Head nurse simply because educational background credentials matters to my employees, compared to older ones who has more experience than I do...