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Hello fellow Nurses! May I know If any one inhere is bound to Riyadh KSA specifically in KAAUH? I was selected by MegaPro International Resources agency last December 2014.... Read More

  1. by   kyusinars
    What did mega pro tell you when you withdraw your documents? My agent doesn't even answered my sms and calls.
  2. by   kyusinars
    Already add you ☺
  3. by   shaynu
    i did not withdraw handler was ms.******..add me up to fb.tnx.
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  4. by   shaynu
    i havent receive the request yet..ill add u instead..whats ur username?
  5. by   shaynu
    kyusinars,are u heidi?
  6. by   Mcstorm87
    Hi guys. I am currently working on the said hospital amd as far as i know the hospital only chose few people last year because they had to hire nurses from other country as well. And although there were nurses who were hired last year not everyone got the chance to work here because there were limited slots for the hospital is yet to open. I am sorry if you guys waited so long.
  7. by   shaynu
    so,do we still have the chance to go there?
  8. by   yowmary
    Hi guys, i was also hired by mharah resouces for kkauh through mega pro. I am also waiting and waiting and waiting for so long. How long are we gonna wait? Itsso depressing and disappointing. Do you have any news yet?
  9. by   yowmary
    Whats the next step? Should we wait ?
  10. by   shaynu
    add me up on fb girl..browse our old convo..
  11. by   yowmary
    I added you shanyu and i sent you messge on fb before