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Hello fellow Nurses! May I know If any one inhere is bound to Riyadh KSA specifically in KAAUH? I was selected by MegaPro International Resources agency last December 2014.... Read More

  1. by   Narshoney
    Quote from shaynu
    hello guys..can i add u to my fb account?
    Sure! I can add you to my fb.. 😊
  2. by   Narshoney
    We need to be patient enough to wait.. inshaallah after this ramadan something good will happen.. God is good...
  3. by   Narshoney
    What's your user name in fb?
  4. by   shaynu
    Quote from Narshoney
    What's your user name in fb?
    shayne delos santos,from gapan city.tnx.
  5. by   kyusinars
    Hello Shaynu will you still procede for KAAUH? it's been 8 months.
  6. by   shaynu
    hello,kyusinars. yep,ill wait.i had no choice, my workgap was way too long already..i know ill be having a hard time applying in other agencies if i back out on to about u?
  7. by   kyusinars
    Yess miss, applicants feom EGMP were deployed around april or may
  8. by   kyusinars
    Yes that's my dilemma also, no other agency will accept me because of my working gap, btw how much processing fee does mega pro ask you to pay?
  9. by   kyusinars
    Hi ma'am do you have any update form megapro?
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  10. by   kyusinars
    Can I add you in facebook?
  11. by   kyusinars
    Yes their placement fee is higher than applicants going to open country. Mega pro is the worst. Who is the employee assigned to assist you in their office?
  12. by   shaynu
    yah,i heard about that too..i hope were next..
  13. by   shaynu
    course, add me up.. shayne delos santos,wesleyan university-phils.,from gapan city.. we can better communicate there.tnx!