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Hi I am a staff nurse and working in NHS since last 8 years. My wife recently joined me in 2008, she is a nurse aswell. We approached NMC for nursing registration and were told that ielts exam is a... Read More

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    I tell you guys my problem about IELTS. (it is not a problem right now, because I have it already! ) I am a forigner in the UK, I have 5 x A levels. This should be enough for entering a course for DipHe nursing. Still, because I did not achieve this in the UK, it was disregarded and I had to pass the IELTS, score 7, + a Numeracy test. (I have the A levels in both.) Is this fair? My A levels worth nothing in this country, not even as GCSE-s, because most of the other students only have those and not A levels.
    I really hope, I do not have to do it again, but it will expire before I will be quilified!?! I hate exams!
    Sounds just as silly as someone who's done a masters degree IN the UK in nursing and still has to take it . Ah, well, beaurocracy escapes no nation, methinks. I also feel bad for the UK peds nurses who have to take adult clinicals just to get their US RN license and then never touch an adult again...I suppose there are worse things in life to deal with, though
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    English is a barrier made by the EU to protect their own kind. The barrier goes ups and down as required.
    In Australia I had made several submissions on this matter that make the test for everyone so be equal. It is true that the students from Australia will not score IELTS 7. This is going for too long. the best is to make a submission to the relevant Nursing board to make it equal for every one and also to request to the International Nursing council. They should listen to us.
    The recent study says that In UK, those who complete the degree in education has scored very poor , and in fact around 20% failure in English test. In Australia is the same. This proves that around 30% of Nurses who are graduated from UK and Australia will not be successful in IELTS test. Then you can imagine the story of Nurses from EU.