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I just got accepted to do Div1 Bachelor of nursing at a pretty good uni however reading about 4 hour shifts, split shifts, having more health assistants then RNs I am becoming disillusioned. I want... Read More

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    I don't understand why anyone would do something they do not enjoy for decades. If you are bitter about your job, think you been mistreated, burnt out and think the world owes you something then I believe you should move on. If you are staying in a profession that you do not like and don't do anything about it then you are heading for misery. It is your choice how you live. And if you are unhappy then make changes for the better instead of whinging and ********.

    Like it or not, I think nursing is challenging and interesting. It's not perfect but what job is?
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    Truthfully, in my opinion, if you are asking if nursing is worth it, then you shouldn't even consider it. Nursing isn't something you just decide to do. It's something you want to do and have a passion for it. It is not for the faint of heart. It is emotionally and physically taxing, but the rewards definitely outweigh the drawbacks. But that depends on what you see as the rewards of nursing. For those of you who have a negative view of nursing most likely did not go into it with the right reasons or can't handle the dynamics of the nursing profession. It's not going to be sunshine and flowers all day. You are going to deal with difficult patients, frequent flyers, dangerous situations, disrespectful doctors, unhelpful managers etc. Most people, when asked if they like nursing, they will tell you yes, but only for the basics of caring and helping others, knowing that your work has helped them improve their lives. Once you start talking about the work load, and politics, then you are straying away from the true meaning of nursing. But yes, overall, it is a tough job. And just like with any job you are going to have your high and low. I love being a nurse. I hate the politics of it but I enjoy being a help to someone in their life. And that is what nursing is truly about. And yes, if you can handle all of that, nursing definitely worth it.
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    Go with what you feel.
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    Quote from Zebrapants77
    I could not agree more with carolmaccas66. If you're asking, you'll get a straight answer. It really irks me that those who are happy being a nurse deign those of us who are not happy in this career as not having passion for it. Um, that's actually the problem: we DO care. If we didn't care, none of this would bother us. My dissatisfaction is mostly with management and "the system." There are patients who drive me crazy--the drugs seekers, the super-needy ones who refuse to take care of themselves, the family members. I think I could deal with those things if we had any support at all from management, and if we weren't continually dumped on by them, by doctors, other hospital employees, and yea, sometimes other nures.
    I would never become a nurse again, it is NOT worth the personal cost.
    Too bad you feel that way, but nursing isn't for everyone.
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    Quote from carolmaccas66
    no. i honestly think being a rn is not worth it. here's something i put on another post (some of this may not apply to you):

    i went into nursing because i thought - and was told by people who were nurses - that there wasn't a better education to get. i liked a&p, etc. and i had done carers work etc.
    i busted my butt working whilst studying, and didn't get financial help from anyone whilst doing my last 6 week unpaid clinical. i gave up a lot to get my degree, friends dropped away (as i moved and was studying), a few relationships i had didn't survive.
    i had to move to another state to get experience. after i moved back to my old state, i thought: this is it now, though i believe i am still learning the job - as we all do - i thought my stressful days were now over.

    how completely and utterly wrong i was. the stress is unbelievable. i then thought maybe i won't work in hospitals for a while, i'll do nursing homes or low care jobs (low care assignments thru agencies are hard to get though). but after working in a nh the other week, where i had mainly demanding staff, older 'i'm entitled' patients, and a run in with a very foul rn, i have now had enough.

    if anyone is young here, i urge you strongly to get out of nursing. you should try & get experience in another degree first or another area first, or if you've nearly fin nursing, still get experience in another area.

    nursing will burn you out, and wear you out to the nth degree. friends stop calling you or inviting you out to events, (even the ones that are nurses who work days, or finish maybe at 6pm), they get tired of hearing you say 'i can't come to your birthday party cos i have to work'. your feet, legs and hips will hurt or ache. you will probably end up with a bad back - i haven't - yet - but it's starting to ache more.

    many of my friends who are nurses have suffered the loss of relationships with hubbies & children, cos they were always at work. you probly won't get to go to many of your kids b/day parties & other events - because you're at work. you will miss them growing up. you will more often than not have to stay back - and not get paid for it either. you are always thinking re work and worrying in case you left anything undone, or made a mistake.

    nursing is a soul destroying profession. i know people who are in jobs besides nursing & they are really happy. they work nice hours (they don't get the extra pay) and all go out for drinks with each other, many of them (actually 99% of them) don't have a degree. they always seem to have money, but i suppose live on credit cards like the rest of us. they wear nice office clothes, and don't have to wear closed footwear all the time - i hate wearing closed shoes. they don't work in environments where it's hot all the time (the last nh i was in was so incredibly hot) and everyone complains about it. they are not always stressed (they probly don't know what stress is).

    so that's my story up until now. would i say nursing has been worth it? i have had some nice experiences, but on the balancing see saw of life, i would say those nice experiences are very few & far between.

    my degree, though i have it now, has really not been worth it. but i don't know what else i would have gone into at the time. nursing was the best choice at the time. i started studying law & switched to nursing, cos i read/heard too many evil stories re law. and nursing has not made me happy. most people aren't happy in their jobs i suppose, but nursing has been really disappointing - and another bad aspect is that it ages you very quickly - something i regret.

    i can only speak for myself, but nursing has not been worth it. it's hard, hot, disgusting, incredibly stressful, often dirty work, with long hours and with little thanks from anyone, plus the pay is not as good as it should be for what we are responsible for.

    if you are young and thinking of doing nursing my very serious & mature advice to you is: do not pursue nursing until you are older and can handle it. get qualified at something else you can fall back on as you get older.

    not once did you mention any true nursing issues. all you have mention are things that are only significant to you and not to nursing as a whole. you can't actually think that all nurses go through this. i am a nurse. i can pay my bills, go out with friends, go to my kids birthday parties, continue my personal relationships without a problem. the clothes are comfortable and inexpensive. it just seems like you don't like nursing and you are complaining about the profession. i don't think it is right to steer someone away from the profession because you had such a hard time with it. advice should be given objectively, let them draw their own conclusions. you can't say nursing is horrible based on your own experiences because you aren't the only nurse out there. there is a lot more depth to nursing than what you're complaining about. i am very sorry that you feel this way and i hope you find a profession that suits you the best. clearly, nursing is definitely not for you.
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    if you really have the heart doing it.. i think, yes?
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    Well, its about time someone said it, as this is an Australian forum, the people that use it should be free from any criticsm of what they believe the job of nursing is about.

    As everyone has individual life experiences it is very subjective and someone saying they think it is a beastly job is not going to stop anyone else from trying it.

    The people doing the shouting down are mainly I believe, not from Australia, but believe nursing is a calling as it is part of their culture to think this way. Often many of people are looking at the Australian forum because they are loo
    king to use their nursing as the 'golden ticket' into Australia and pr.

    Nurses in Australia come from many different immigrant cultures and all of us have our reasons for taking it on. We all have bad days and good days and usually for every great experience there are 20 others you could do without.

    Nurses in Australia are fine advocates for their patients and hence this is wherethe frustration occurs, not with low pay, or the abuse you sometimes have to put up with, but the lack of support from management and managers and all others with the show money.

    So unless you have experienced Australia and our customs and our health system and start to have some understanding of what it is all not tell Australians they should not be nursing, just because they state how they feel at times in an Australian forum, because someone asked what they thought of it!!!!

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    He He he
    I love my job. Sometimes Ive gone home and had a big cry after a stressfull day. I work in Autralia and have been in the hospital for 2 1/2 years now. It worth it. I have never had to stay back without being paid. It really isnt required. maybe 10 mins? but never hours. I dont understand people that say that? In our hospital we ALWAYS get paid overtime and its pretty good money! I did a double shift yesterday and earned a killing! You wont know if you want to do it until you get into it. I believe in Australia your first placement is at the end of your first year of uni. Give it ago and you can see how you feel during your placement. I bet you will lurveeee it!! Gooood luck!!
    p.s. my favourite co worker has been an RN for over 30 years and she absolutely loves it still. It just depends on the person not the job title.
  10. by   Scrubby
    Carol-I don't want to cause offense but you sound like you're burned out and need some R&R. It doesn't help when you've experienced the high levels of stress and bad behaviour that goes on in the system. I felt like this a few years ago, even started a law degree that didn't work out. One of the hardest things I've had to learn is that I can't fix all the problems, I just have to do the best I can with what I have. Being a bit of a perfectionist I find this difficult to do and often find myself getting wound up. As for bullies well the best method I have with dealing with them is to remain calm and rationale and put on my 'I don't give a sh*t' face.

    Is it worth it? I think that's entirely up to the individual. I think you have to go into nursing with an open mind and realize that it's not all rainbows and lollypops and some days are worse than others.
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    Hi I was wondering what the average nursing salary was for critical nurse with 16 years experience in Australia
    also i have been a nurse educator at a hospital for 2 years?
  12. by   ISIS6767
    To Assusie RN 87 How long have you been a nurse in Australia. Where you a resident or did you move there? I am a nurse with a family that is thinking about moving to Australia. I have 16 years experience as an ICU nurse? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. by   patmax1
    Yes. I graduated at the end of 2009 after 3 years of uni, had 8 months off and then started nursing (gosford hospital, nsw). Ive been in ICU for 1 year now and although i have had some busy days I can honestly say that i have been well supported by all my colleagues, get pretty good pay and can see a stable job in the future