I want to be a Telemetry Nurse

  1. Hi! I'm a registered nurse already here in the Philippines and I'm one of those nurses that are still looking for an opportunity to work. I've searched a lot about other alternative careers in nursing and one that interest me is being a Telemetry Nurse. I've searched everything in the net but hadn't found any accredited learning opportunities here in our country. I'm asking for everyone's idea not just here in the Philippines but also in other countries how will I become a Telemetry Nurse. If there's none here do I need to enroll in an online school in the US in order to have a diploma or certificate for it. Of course, I'm looking for a training or course that is also accredited to other countries particularly in the US because I want to pursue my Telemetry Nurse abroad if given by chance.

    I saw this procedure but I think it cannot be applied here in my country.

    1. Choose your registered nurse (RN) educational program. There are three educational paths that lead to becoming an RN: a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN), and associate's degree (ADN) or a licentiate. The BSN takes about four years to complete, and is offered through colleges and universities. The ADN will take between two and three years to complete, and is offered at community colleges. The license program (originally developed for those already in another medical field) is offered at many hospitals and takes about three years to complete. Although the BSN is preferred by most employers, all three paths will qualify you for entry-level positions.
    2. Learn all you can about the telemetry field during your educational program by studying books and journals on the subject. Inform your instructors of your interest in the telemetry nurse field, as they can assign you to a progressive care or telemetry environment where you can shadow a telemetry nurse, learn more about the field and gain some firsthand experience.
    3. Take and pass your licensure examination. All states require RNs to pass the national licensing examination, also known as the NCLEX-RN, to become a licensed RN. You can obtain more information about the examination at the National Nurses Association website (see Resources).
    4. Gain professional experience in a progressive care environment to fulfill experience requirement for the PCCN (Progressive Care Certified Nurse) certification. To qualify for the PCCN examination, you must practice as an RN for 1,750 hours (875 hours must be within a year of taking the exam) in a qualifying progressive care unit (telemetry unit, direct observation unit, intermediate care unit, step-down unit, emergency unit or transitional care unit).
    5. Take and pass your PCCN certification examination. The examination consists of 125 questions (100 of which are scored), and you will be given two and a half hours to complete it. You can find detailed information on the certification by downloading the Certification Exam Handbook from the AACN website (see Resources).

    I really want to have the PCCN diploma but I don't know how and with regard to the hours that are required in order to take the exam, I don't know how will I able to have it if I don't have work.

    Anyone would lighten this up is definitely appreciated. Thank you!
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