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i have this situation, hope you guys can help me decide: 2 hospitals in the province - government hospital vs private hospital, both tertiary i'm currently a trainee in the government hospital but i can transfer to the... Read More

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    If I were you, I'd take the risk and stick with the government hospital. You'll have a better experience there since government hospitals generally have more varied cases compared to private ones. The larger bed capacity is also a plus and the 70-80% chance of getting hired is enough to take the risk. Don't worry if you go overtime without getting paid, just think of the experience you'll gain. However, you should know your limits also. Good luck!

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    Hi guys, I am having the same problem. I am a Registered Nurse here in the Philippines and a NCLEX passer. But i cannot get a hospital in California who is willing to sponsor me.. And now, I just accepted a job in Singapore as an Healthcare Assistant and it will take too long before I become Registered Nurse there. I'm afraid, time will come my NCLEX would expire and just become a waste.
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    thanks for the replies everyone.

    @daly city RN wow. that's a pretty good position if you're in a job you love.

    @DILM i think i'll listen to your advice. thanks.

    @chinie what exactly is a healthcare assistant? how long exactly? i'm also interested in a job in singapore.

    i'm not sure about this but does the nclex really expire? i heard somewhere that you only take the nclex once. as with other licenses, you just need to renew it? or maybe i'm wrong. lol
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    @chinie: you are an RN but working as a Healthcare Assistant in Singapore. Why? I don't know about Singapore much but I know of some Filipinos who are nurses there so why work as an HCA?

    @mrmiyagi: a healthcare assistant is the same as personal care worker or nurses' aide. They assist RNs with ADLs and such. If you are a registered nurse in the Philippines then you would be overqualified. Will not look good on CV unless you are studying to be an RN generally. New Zealand is definitely closed to overseas nurses and Australia also has an oversupply of nurses for now unfortunately.
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    thanks for that info bobby. so i guess the salary would be not that high if that's the case.

    do countries like singapore consider volunteer experience as a nurse? there is a chance i could end up volunteering in the government hospital for some time if i don't get hired soon.

    it would be really convenient to work in singapore since it's very near the philippines. japan would also be good but i don't speak japanese and have no idea about the process of applying there. japan is a nice country i think. i'm mr. miyagi afterall.

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