HepB want to work abroad Again with this topic

  1. Hey Guys, I know this is the same topic you've been reading here again, I just wanna ask. I know they don't discriminate people with Hep B abroad, but has anyone of you know someone who is able to work abroad who is reactive? I mean how did he/she apply for it? and what made them hire he/she? I'm from Cebu, Philippines and I'm a Nurse and not getting any younger. =)
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  3. by   Nurse_
    Are hashtags a new trend for topic titles?

    Are you reactive to Hep B surface antibody or antigen? Depends on what kind of test was run, core antibody gives a lot of false positives. The virus usually revolves itself and will give you surface antibody. If this is chronic and stayed in your system, you will test positive in both the core and surface antigen.

    I haven't heard of a nurse that is hep b active, then again I don't think they would volunteer the information. But since it's a communicable disease, I don't know how people can work with an active infection.
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    I'm not "active" I'm just reactive/positive. The Doctor says I'm completely healthy it's just that the virus is part of my system. The test I took was HbsAG.