Help, how to prepare form ETA9089

  1. Help, how to prepare form ETA9089
    I am preparing RN green card, my lawyer only sned me the ETA9089 form with instructions, but I am not so sure about some of the items. Nurses please help me and correct me because you guys have done this before. Thank you in advance

    I. Recruitment Information
    a. Occupation Type – All must complete this section.
    1. Is this application for a professional occupation, other than a college
    or university teacher? Professional occupations are those for which a
    bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) is normally required.

    Yes No
    I put No, because I think nursing just needs associate degree

    d. Professional Recruitment Information – Complete if the answer to
    question I.a.1 is YES or if the answer to I.a.2-B is YES. Complete at least
    3 of the items.


    13. Dates advertised at job fair From: To:

    14. Dates of on-campus recruiting From: To:

    15. Dates posted on employer web site From: To:

    16. Dates advertised with trade or professional organization From: To:

    17. Dates listed with job search web site From: To:

    18. Dates listed with private employment firm From: To:

    19. Dates advertised with employee referral program From: To:

    20. Dates advertised with campus placement office From: To:

    21. Dates advertised with local or ethnic newspaper From: To:

    22. Dates advertised with radio or TV ads From: To:

    17. Did the alien complete the training required for the requested job
    opportunity, as indicated in question H.5?
    Yes No NA
    I put YES

    18. Does the alien have the experience as required for the requested job
    opportunity indicated in question H.6?
    Yes No NA
    I put NA

    19. Does the alien possess the alternate combination of education and
    experience as indicated in question H.8?
    Yes No NA
    I put NA

    20. Does the alien have the experience in an alternate occupation specified
    in question H.10?
    Yes No NA
    I PUT NA

    21. Did the alien gain any of the qualifying experience with the employer in
    a position substantially comparable to the job opportunity requested?
    Yes No NA

    22. Did the employer pay for any of the alien’s education or training
    necessary to satisfy any of the employer’s job requirements for this
    Yes No
    I PUT NO

    23. Is the alien currently employed by the petitioning employer?
    Yes No
    SHOULD I PUT NO TO THIS ONE, I got OFFER FROM MY HOSPITAL BUT I DIDNT WORK FOR THEM YET BECAUSE I DONT HAVE WORK PERMIT. I have to file green card application and then got work permit and work for them.
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  3. by   pg27
    i have also the same problem! what will i write in JOB Experience for 3years... I have an experience but i don't have a certificate of employment, do i still need to write my hosp. experience or just leave it NA