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My wife is a RN with a BSN degree and is licensed in IL...She is a German citizen and we are both moving to Munich this summer. What does she have to do to get her "license" in Germany? She has no... Read More

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    I just stumbled over this post and realized that I am the subject of this thread.

    Anyway, I have several concerns regarding nursing in Germany. First, I completed a RN-BSN degree in the U.S. via an accelerated nursing program which took a total of 13 months. Although it is fully recognized here as a valid degree equivalent to the traditional BSN program, I have doubts that Germany will accept it as such. But I guess I will have to go through the proper channels to find out.

    Secondly, I understand that I will have to jump through several hoops to get my degree recognized; however, I am still burned out mentally, emotionally and financially. Just the thought of going back to school to reiterate the same nursing curriculum makes me want to cry. Also, the financial aspect scares because I have to pay back my American student loans and really can't afford to pay for the same education again.

    Thirdly, I keep hearing and reading not so good things about the nursing profession in Germany. They are over-worked, under-paid and not appreciated. These conditions make it especially hard for me to get motivated.

    I have mixed feelings about the move to Germany. It might be good on a personal level, but professionally it is going to be a challenge.

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    contact the appropriate regional board, they will explain what documents are needed to assess your nursing education.
    If you are moving to Munich:
    I am currently working in Germany, but will leave Germany for Yukon.
    If you have questions considering working conditions, feel free to contact me.
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    Thanks Mona77 for the info. I did check out the requirements to get my degree recognized and I decided it isn't worth the effort. I will no longer pursue a career in nursing. Thanks again and good luck in your endeavors.

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