filipino LPN for canada - how do you get a temporary licence

  1. i have my immigration papers ready, and before may 2012 i will be leaving for canada to pursue my career of choice which is nursing. i decided to enter as a lpn first then progress as an rn later a this might be the best possible option because there is a big possibility that the college of nursing in ontario will probably require that i will undergo a certain period of studying. not to mention the cost.

    i have passed the ielts exam with a band score of 7.5 and i am ready to send my papers to college of nurses in ontario, canada for assessment. also i have completed almost 3 yrs. of nursing practice as an or nurse.

    how do i get a temporary lpn license in canada? granted that the college of nursing approved me to take the cpnre, since i would like to work as a nurse immediately when i land in canada.
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  3. by   dishes
    Follow the instructions for submitting your application on the CNO website, the application process can take 12 months or longer. After the CNO has processed your education qualifications, and advised you that you qualify to write the CPNRE, you can try finding an employer who would be willing to hire you and who would be willing to ask the CNO to provide you with a temporary permit. However, it is highly unlikely that you will find such an employer, as there are more qualified applicants than there are nursing jobs in Ontario.