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Hi every one I'm from Latin America and I'd like to work in USA as a RN and I need some advice about what to do or how apply for! Maybe some recruiter agency! The entire process! Please HELP!!!!... Read More

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    I am also looking for agencies/recruiters to help place me. I am an RN from Australia and will be getting my US (DC) nursing license shortly. I've contacted 2 recruiting agencies - O'Grady Peyton and Nurse Zone, on September 15, 2012. However, I have yet to hear from them. Its been 2 weeks. How long does it take for these agencies to contact us? I've had everything sorted (by myself). All I need now is just an employer (easier said than done, albeit the ongoing lack of nursing workforce).

    In addition, can someone recommend us (me, Yohan and whosever that is accessing this thread) some good recruiting agencies?? Thanks.

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    Well done on getting your license. I am around the same stage that you are and awaiting a job offer at the moment. I got my NM license last month and endorsing to CO now. If you have got this far by yourself like me, I wouldn't bother dealing with an agency just yet. There are a couple of things that may make it hard to gain employment in our situation. Depends on the hospital and if they are aware of E3 visa and the HR's prior history of recruiting 'outside the square' so to speak. A lot will probably think it is to hard but not know it is actually easy and cost free for them. The other obviously depends on the State and City your applying. Some States are doing much better than others employing new candidates. If you have the experience that they are after and are aware of the E3 visa you are half way there. I think agencies can charge up to $15k to the recruiting hospital for the privilege. I don't think many hospitals are that desperate to pay $$$$$ when they have an oversupply of applicants presently. good luck
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    how are you? i got my license a few months back and have contacted an agency, and managed to secure a contract. however, the contract isn fabulous. i have delayed signing it and is currently looking at other options. i was wondering how you are doing with applying to individual hospitals. i am considering doing the same. i am a little slow as i ran into some problems with registration. i would love to hear of your progress. hope to hear from you soon.
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    Hi booha

    I would not rush into signing up with an agency yet. If you sign up and break the contract you could be up for a lot of $$$$$$. Agencies will make promises to get you in but it does not mean they will be able to secure a job for you. I would apply direct to a number of the large hospitals which have their own recruiters. Look at large University hospitals etc. I don't think you can be fussy in where you want to go. You may have to look outside the State your are licensed to find a job and be preperared to endorse your license along the way. Are you an Australian citizen using the E3 Visa? If not what visa are you planning to use? You will require some experience in a specialty nursing area not so much to satsify the E3 criteria, but to secure the job at the hospital over others? Good luck.
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    Thanks grantsally1, I might at that. My specialty is quite specific - I am currently doing cardiothoracic ICU, including heart and lung transplants. I see that there are a few major hospitals doing that. Yep, going for the E3, although preferably H1B, but that is virtually impossible from what i heard.
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    Good to hear. It sounds like you have what the hospitals will desire. E3 visa is great and if you have a spouse they can get work authorisation. Also no need to fill out i94 cards everytime you leave and re enter the US. A lot of the HR in hospitals do not know about the E3. Even the US customs guy stamped my passport EB3 before correcting it the other day. He probably hadn't seen it before. Depends where in the US you will be going. I guess the west and east coast would see more E3's than other parts.

    H1B would be a hassle and cost for an employer making it much harder to land the job you are after. If you need any more info during your transition I am happy to help out. It is a long process but very achievable.

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