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    I'm currently a nursing student with a strong interest to get involved with Doctor's Without Borders (MSF). Just wondering if there are nurses with past experience with this organization and that would be generous enough to offer some much needed guidance on what I should do to prepare. I know about the two years of experience and language requirements but is there a certain nursing speciality that I should get into first, such as Emerg/OR. Also on where I should gain my experience? I was thinking on going to work on a reserve in Northern Ontario after graduation, would this be a good fit? Also what sort of roles does a NP have with the organization?
    I realize I am asking a lot, but I know very little and I'm just extremely curious
    Thanks So much
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    For advice on planning a career in international nursing, I recommend you network with nurses who have international nursing experience. You can do this by joining special interest groups while you are a student, check into RNAO's international nursing interest group and CNA's Canadian association for international nurses

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