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Hi Guys, I am a RN who graduated in the spring after three years in a diploma program in Ontario. I am a mature student and I am working on a very busy, stressful surgical floor in a teaching hospital. I want very much to do... Read More

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    Hi Canuck

    Thanks so much for your informative reply. I have contacted Charles Sturt and I have more info now to read over. I wanted to ask you- do you feel the B of Health Science is looked at much differently than the BScN? I know it is reconized by U of T..........but did you do any research regarding how it viewed by nursing types......or do you even take that into consideration?
    So far, I am impressed with what I see.......and someone else in the ICU I work in is thinking about starting it as well. I think it might be a good deal with the two of us working on it at the same time. Thanks again for all your info!


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    Someone at my hospital graduated with the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from Charles Sturt....and within 6 months had a promotion to management level. I think it all depends what you want to do in nursing, who recognizes what. Some feel they only want the BScN, because they have specific ideas about what they want to do. I am happy where I work....I just don't want to be "left behind" by not having my degree. I don't want doors closed because I lack that bit of paper! In that way, I feel the Health Science degree more than meets my needs...I don't have any professional aspirations whereby the BScN would be mandatory.
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    P.S. There are also two of us working on it simultaneously on my unit....it makes it more fun, and its great to be able to discuss topics with each other. Others doing the long, long PT route of the BScN, are looking enviously at us, wishing they were in our program! I really feel sorry for them studying for their "Biology" exams, and "A&P" exams (yuck!!)

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