Diploma nursing jobs in Sweden

  1. Hello Everyone:
    I am a nurse,and I am from China,and I have been working as a nurse for about 5 years ,And I have the nursing license.I am a diploma nurse,I am not a degree nurse.I have studied in the nursing school for four years.My total education is thirteen years.
    I would like to come to Sweden and work there ,I am also interested in immigrating to Sweden,or to get a work permit.What is my chance in getting a nursing job there, Am I qualified?
    I would like to know the details about the nursing jobs in Sweden and immigration in that country.Does anybody know the details about how to apply for the nursing jobs and how to apply for the work permit?
    I am studying IELTS for the past few years,my English is very good.Do I need to study Swedish language before coming there?Or after arriving there only one needs to study Swedish? I would like to know the details about work visa and immigration to that country, can anyone help me and tell me all the details about nursing jobs?
    I am mainly looking for nursing jobs,but I am also interested in other type of jobs also,including home nursing,.midwifery,nursing assistant,nanny,etc,and other types of work also I am willing to do.
    Can anyone there help me give the details about the jobs,visa and immigration to Sweden?
    Sincerely ,
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