Canadian RN seeking work in South America

  1. I'm an Canadian RN currently licensed in BC. It has been my dream to work internationally, and the opportunity has finally come about that this may be possible. I will be going to South America (Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia) in about a year and after travelling for a few months I would love to be able to settle in either Chile or Argentina and find nursing work. I am having trouble finding information or other nurses experience with this type of endeavour and would love some input.

    I have contacted the Chilean embassy in Canada in regards to this and it seems like the process to transfer my license in Chile is going to be a very long and difficult one. Seeing as how I would only be working internationally for about a year, has anyone heard of shorter-term contract work that would be possible to continue with just my Canadian license and not have to transfer? Or even volunteer/intern jobs? Any info or input would be great.

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