Canadian nurse, educated in U.S do I need a Visa Screen? - page 2

Good morning, I am a Canadian nurse that has been educated in the U.S and I have passed my state NCLEX. When I went to the border to get my TN visa they instructed me that I need my VISA screen. Is... Read More

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    I asked upfront. You don't really have to go to a rural hospital as MOST big university teaching hospitals hire 'foreign' nurses.

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    where are you living in? what do you mean by foreign? foreign you mean by those who have green card or US citizenship but aren't really the majority in terms of ethnicity?
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    I live in NY state. But I have interviewed at a few big University hospitals in big cities in other states. By foreign I mean that you are NOT a US Citizen and DO NOT have a green card, and therefore if you want to work in the U.S. you must use a type of work visa/permit. If you are a Canadian or Mexican citizen, a lot of University Medical Centers take the TN Visa as a work permit. It can be valid for up to 3 yrs, and is renewable indefinitely.

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