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hi.. just wanna know wat r d best books for cg that u can recommend.. im plannin to order n d intrnet bwt the book : cgfns secrets, test taking , startegies... blah, blah .. have u seen those refrences? are these reliable enuf?... Read More

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Unless you are going to work in a state that requires the exam, why are you even wasting your time taking it? It does not give you a license to practice in the US, and the more reputable companies want to see a passing score on the NCLEX exam, or you may find yourself working as a nursing asst over here for months and months and months.
    Yah I agree. If the state you're applying for doesn't reuire CGFNS, take the NCLEX-RN. It's the "U.S. licensure exam for nurses".
    It's time-saving/ affordable to take JUST the NCLEX-RN. Some just take the CGFNS so that they may have a taste of what the NCLEX is supposed to be like. In my opinion, the 2 exams are only 50% similar. NCLEX focuses on prioritization/ delegation of responsibilities/ application. CGFNS focuses more on "knowledge" of Nursing. My CGFNS result stated that I should study harder and esp. more on certain topics that have fallen below the ideal grade. Hah! So why did I pass the NCLEX RN Duh!

    My recommended books:
    KAPLAN +CD's
    MOSBY +CD's
    ...nothing follows
    Local review books like GApuz are good for last minute review but be careful of typographical errors and obvious errors (ive seen quite a few)

    CGFNS guide + CD's(a staple if youre taking the CG)... Some questions from the book do come out.

    All towards up Pinoys!!!

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    i took the july 12 cgfns exam. I just want to know what's better between mosby and saunders book. I already have kaplan and want to supplement it with another book... tnx for the advice
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    2nd best book next to Kaplan is Saunders. Also... try to answer as many practice questions as you can as u go along. I used to practice using CD's (interactive learning)... but be sure to absorb it all. Good luck!

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