Any nurse working for King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah?

  1. Any Nurses here who are working or previously have worked for King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah? Please share your experiences or observations. I am currently considering working for them. But I have a few concerns since this may be the first time I would be working in the Middle East from the Philippines. Like how to get along with both Nurses, Doctors, and Patients there. I realize things would be different, but I am not sure how different it would be from what I have become accustomed to in the Philippines. And how I should adjust myself accordingly. I would appreciate any input anyone can provide.
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  3. by   43RN20
    saudi arabia-good idea or not is an article that has drawn responses from many nurses who have or are now serving in saudi. did you check it out ? some of the responses came from nurses who are from the philippines. good luck!
  4. by   kikmeister
    actually i have seen the thread and read many of the posts. but they were mostly written from the perspective of western nurses. my query is more specific though. i was just hoping some people would notice and provide feedback on the said hospital.
  5. by   andietto
    Hi Kikmeister. I also just recently signed up for KAUH via career planners agency. I'm also a first timer. How's it working there?
  6. by   maureensheryl
    am from KAMC, well as any new comer, the anxiety of going to a place far from the philippines is understandable. google the hospital for its facilities and what not. with regards to getting along with nurses and doctors- my dear, the feeling is the same when you come to a new work place: some oldies will make your first 3 months toxic; some will welcome you like an old friend; but this will also depend on how you are going to act and relate with them. of course they will be checking your performance, and once you hurdle that 3 months then you will be ok. the doctors- the same.
    there may be discriminations that you may feel at work but we filipinos are strong and intelligent and with the help of the Lord, we can overcome all of these.
    the only difference is the culture, in which you really have to adjust- the language, the weather,their way of dressing and treatment of females etc.. just read on saudi culture.
    if you are coming here, good luck. take this chance as a new and challenging experience and always have the right and bright attitude, then you will go a long way. : )
  7. by   aminasabrina2009
    i'm Rn with BSN looking to work Jeddah . . how can i find a job in a hospital there agency
    is there an exam to take. help me please I thank you very much
  8. by   aminasabrina2009
    are your working now in middle east or not. how did you find it. I'm looking to move there could you give me any information please .