Any advice on finding a job in Australia?

  1. Hi there,

    I am a registered nurse with current AHPRA registration.
    I've been having a difficulty in finding a permanent position here in WA, Australia.

    My sitiation is like this;

    I was originally registered as a RN and have experience over there for 7 years. I moved to Australia 7 years ago and was busy with my kids after that.
    In 2011, I went to uni to convert my Japanese licence to Australian one and got registered with AHPRA as a RN.

    Since then, I've been job hunting but still no luck! What they say is my experience is old and I need to gain experience in hospitals in Australia before I get a position. Then I thought I might try Grad Program (I'm not really a newly graduate but my experiece is rather old and it seems like it is not taken into account as experience anymore) but they say I have already experience no mateer how old it is or where I it was therefore I'm not eligible for it!

    Some hospitals even suggested me to go to nursing agencies so I did but agencies say I need at least 1 year experience in AUS hospitals, not anywhere else.

    Now, I'm stuck!

    Luckily, the nursing home where I used to work as a carer offered me a RN position while I'm looking for a job so I've been working there over a year now. However I really want to go back to a hospital setting before I settle in the aged care field (I love it though).

    Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to get myself back into a hospital setting? Any tips?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   JoyMatthews
    have you tried the private sector hospitals? maybe see if there's casual hours available...getting your foot through the door is the hardest part, but once people get to know you, it will work out for you...working casual means dropping everything at short notice and a few months of night shift, but consider it an investment in the future !