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What is everyone doing about drawing peaks and troughs? At my LTC facility, we have a patient with a PICC. The lab does not draw from PICC lines so the RN has to do it. The patient gets Vancomycin at 8 am. Should the trough... Read More

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    I've been working via an agengy at an acute care hospital. A Vanco trough was drawn on my patient (after only receiving one dose 12 hours prior) and I hung the Vanco within the next half hour after the lab draw. Apparently this is wrong? After the Vanco level came back high I was told I was supposed to wait until the Vanco level came back prior to hanging the dose. I've never done it this way. Firstly, I've never heard of drawing a trough prior to 72 hours after the first dose. Secondly, how often can one expect lab results back within 30 minutes? ~ Not very often! Is this standard procedure?

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    It was always my understanding that the trough you draw before the dose will subsequently affect whether you give the next dose (not the dose you are drawing the level right before). If the doc did not wright "draw trough level at 12pm and hold 12pm dose" why would you hold it? Unless this specific institution has a policy stating you hold the dose that you are drawing the trough before, then you are not wrong (IMO).

    This is the problem with nursing; too many variations on things that should be standard

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