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Does anyone know if their BON allows an RN to perform a Theraputic Phlebotomy (for Hemochromatosis) throught a VAD? NH has ruled it is NOT within Scope of Practice; we are trying to gather info to have them reconsider.... Read More

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    I have been searching and can not find any research project or review article that has addressed the question of risks/benefits of therapeutic phlebotomy via venous access devices, which kinda' surprised me. Anyone found any good evidence? From this and other nursing sites, apparently it's a pretty common practice (? without signficant complications), but is not endorsed by the INS or listed on the IFUs for ports. If anyone KNOWs of published research, please advise, and if NOT - what an incredibly valuable project this could be!
    Our hospitals use PowerPorts (love 'em) but we're stuck with nursing scope of practice that does not allow high volume phlebotomy per port.

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    Have you found anything yet?
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    Nope - anyone else?

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