Qualifications for IV team job?

  1. Hi, I saw an ad for an RN on an IV team and there wasn't specific qualifications listed. I have critical care experience but not with chemo, accessing ports, and certainly not inserting PICCs. I am decent at inserting peripheral IVs though. What are the general qualifications they look for when hiring someone into an IV team? Just wondering if I would be qualified or not.
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  3. by   cupcake25
    I have been working on an IV team for over 11 years. My previous job was working in CCU. When I was hired the only qualification is that you should be a fairly good stick with IV's. I had an 8 hour class at the hospital where I work learning to insert Picc lines. You have to do a couple of Picc's with a preceptor in order to do them by yourself. I do not do chemo at all. The oncology nurses deal with that. As far as ports go, the more you access, the more comfortable you are with them. I enjoy the job. I cover a few floors during the day. I have my phone and kind of work by myself. You have to be able to troubleshoot when there are problems with certain lines.
    With your critical care background, you would be fine. Good luck!
  4. by   maciv
    I agree with cupcake,your critical care background will serve you well,as the pt has to be assessed as to wether they actually need the line or not.Also you may be the initial first person on the spot, due to the fact that IV Nurses function with a great deal of autonomy troughout the hospital,and you already posses IV insertion skills to build upon.