Betadine vs. Alcohol for ports

  1. 0 I know that literature supports using alcohol to clean inanimate objects (like IV ports, etc.), and to use Betadine for animate objects (like skin). However, I cannot find this in writing, I've done searches, but maybe I'm searching the wrong key words. If you have anything in writing, or other thought, please let me know.
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    I dont have anything in writing with me, but our current policy is alcohol first then betadine to cleanse skin prior to IV insertion or accessing ports. Hope this helps. Betadine will then be the antibacterial that will protect the site. They also have hebicleanse disks out, which I have not tried, for people who may be allergic to betadine. I am currently researching those for ports.

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    our facility uses a new product called "persist". it is a combo of betadine and alcohol on a convenient stick. altho easy to apply, it causes a sheen that can make the vein more difficult to visualize. many wipe the persist off with alcohol prior to the stick, but does this alter the effectiveness of the initial prep?

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