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best hands-on PICC training course

  1. 0 hey everyone need some help here
    Im a 10yr plus experienced RN with a background as IV nurse with many PIV and midline insertions and have taken the online BARD PICC cert but how do I get hands on experience to take wherever I wish?
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    easiest way is to have your hospital have thier rep come and do thier didactic class and then the practical....cheapest too cause its usually free to you
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    Quote from gregpezzuti
    hey everyone need some help here
    Im a 10yr plus experienced RN with a background as IV nurse with many PIV and midline insertions and have taken the online BARD PICC cert but how do I get hands on experience to take wherever I wish?
    The most important things with PICCs is to go through the process of qualification and know that the education is never finished. PICC qualification (sometimes called certification) is reached after 1) completing the required curriculum (in a class or through DVD/online), 2) performing a simulated insertion and then doing 3) supervised insertions (3-5 or more) on patients to the point of competence.

    The curriculum you will need for first time PICC placement are Basic PICC Qualification Training and Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound. These continuing education classes are available through our website in an online format. The online class allows you to print your manual to study with, watch the online program, take the test, print the certificate (that includes CNE credits) and can go back and review any part of the class for an entire year from the date of purchase. At the back of the manuals are Competency Assessment forms which you can use as a guide for the Simulated Supervised Insertion and their first 3 to 5 Supervised Live Insertions. To purchase go to , create a login and click on PICC Education then chose Online Education, or Self Study to purchase.

    I understand you need a location to go and perform insertion to attain your competence. These are some of the locations that we refer to for Precepting (no guarantee that they are still offering the service):

    MD Anderson
    Houston TX
    Trends in Central Venous Catheters
    Course length: 4 days
    Fee: $1200
    Enrollment: Limited to 4
    Contact Hours: 34.5 (Type 1)
    Call Dorothy Fields at (713) 745-0018 to register

    Burlington VT
    large teaching facility in Burlington Vermont.
    Mari Cordes
    cell 802.989.9267

    Vanderbilt Medical Center
    Cathy Perry
    Manager PICC Team
    (615) 322-4513
    $400.00 per day and they recommend 5 to 10 days of training

    Methodist Hospital
    Indianapolis IN
    Judi (Ayres) Mahurin, RN, BSN, RT(R)(M)
    Clinical Nurse/IR Manager
    Methodist Radiology
    Office 317.962.6606
    Pager 317.312.7077
    Fax 317.962.0969

    Lehigh Valley Healthcare Network
    Allentown, PA
    Vera Deacon or Sharon Steager
    484 884-2901

    I hope this information is helpful. I am happy to clarify any other questions you may have, please contact me anytime. Check out our website, it is designed to make ordering easy and provide information on PICCs.

    Warm regards,

    Nancy Rene League (for Nancy Moureau)
    Customer Service Mgr
    PICC Excellence Inc.
    888 714-1951 toll free
    706 377-3360 office
    706 377-3359 fax
    904 327-9961 cell
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    Does anyone know of a PICC training school in Dallas/Forth Worth Texas? Thanks
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    I just went through the Bard Sherloc/3CG course and I can attest to the professionalism they bring to the table with their course! The training rep is an RN that has been doing PICC since they were being used in the 90's and she is flipping excellent in the field!

    As far as the didactic portion, I could take it or leave it. You need to study the anatomy of the veins in the arms and chest!!!!! That will aid you immensely when they are teaching you how to approach the arm and understanding the bundles of veins/arteries and where you are. The best part of the didactic class was the ultrasound lesson and how to use the Sherlock/3CG system.

    Also be familiar with the numbers of crbsi and be ready to become a pro at full sterile barrier prep! I think that is the most difficult part of the entire procedure!

    If you can contact Bard and get them to sell their product to your hospital, they will give you the best training you can receive! (IMHO)
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    Update-- we are currently not offering hands on training at Methodist in Indianapolis. TO be determined when we can resume this practice.