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I have read an article regarding Hep.B infection but I was left with 2 Qs after reading it: 1). For patients with chronic Hep.B infection and are capable of producing antibodies for HBV (i.e.... Read More

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    Quote from larrystaton
    Hello, I work in public health and work with Hepatitis clients. (Hep A,B,C) Someone who has chronic Hepatitis B infection is someone with a positive Hepatitis B surface antigen for greater than a six month period from the onset of acute infection. Usually Hepatitis B chronic carriers will have the following profile. 1. Hepatitis B surface AG positive, 2. Hepatitis B core antibody Positive 3. sometimes there will the Hepatitis "E" antigen positive (as with clients that are considered to be "highly infectious". The anti-HBs will NEVER be positive in clients who are chronic carriers. HBS ab is an antibody that develops with only 2 circumstances. First, is with Hepatitis B vaccination. Someone who receives the Hep B vaccine should have a positive HBS AB as their only positive marker through Hepatitis B profile testing which should be done within 1-2 mos after completing the 3 shot series. The series should be given a (each injection) at 0,1,6 mos. Secondly, someone who has recovered from Hepatitis B infection, which by the way is about 90% of those that get infected as adults will have the following profile for the rest of their life: Positive Hepatitis B Surface Antibody and Positive Hepatitis B core AB. The Hepatitis B surface antibody will never develop in someone with the disease until the Hepatitis B surface Antigen is below the levels of detection (negative).

    2. Yes, some people do remain healthy throughout their lives who have chronic Hepatitis B infection, but also many others go on to develop long-term liver problems. Interferon is being used with some success for treating clients with chronic Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infection.
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    pls am very very devastated with this hbv, am a nurse who is preparing to travel to australia come jan 2012. am just getting prepared and i ask a friend to accompany me to our lab for a test and surprise am positive. now am afraid he will spread the news to my colleagues and possibly be rejected since they got vaccinated those days back in when i have no money to pay. i cannot even concentrate on my IELTS lessons, i registered with a huge sum of money but lost hope as to whether i will still need it.
    male 25 now and am worried if i can give birth to healthy infants cos i seriously want to be a family man. lets share ideas email me on

    i pray that we all get cured and be happy.

    my 2nd test is hiv and am afraid
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    Hi devastating how are you? I would like to ask if you passed your medical exam for australia as I am also planning to go there. How did yours go? I am really scared of the medical since I am also a Hep b+ and it might cause of my visa denial.. T_T...I already spent a huge amount just for student visa application.. waaah!

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