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  1. if you have been exposed to tb and have a positive ppd that does not mean you can no longer work in a healthcare facility! You may have to take abx treatment, and will be followed by the health department. So, number three is wrong!

    1. It takes about 25 weeks for the skin test to become positive after infection.
    2. Symptoms of TB include cough and night sweats.
    3. A positive TB skin test means you cannot work in a healthcare facility.
    4. If you have TB disease, you will need to take medicine to cure the disease.
    5. Reports of delayed reaction, up to 14 days after application, have occurred.
    6. A TB skin test is the only way to find out if you have latent TB infection.
    7. If you have a positive reaction to the skin test, you will need other tests to see if you have TB disease.
    8. A false positive may be caused by recent vaccination.
    9. Wear an N95 Respiration when treating a patient with suspected or known TB.
    10. If test is not read within 72 hours it will need to be repeated.


    1. False
    2. True
    3. True
    4. True
    5. True
    6. True
    7. True
    8. False
    9. True
    10. True
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  3. by   ejsmom
    My mantoux was positive, took myself to an ID doctor and are going to be starting Rifampin for 4 months. I'm devasted. I was vaccinated w BCG in my country of origin where TB IS NOT of concern, but the vaccine is part of childhood immunizations. I've tested positive in the past but was told it was a false-positive and had cxrs that were negative. I wish eveybody was on the same page w this info. Not one nurse @ work that I questioned knows tx is need. I just hope that I don't have significant side effects from tx since the meds are toxic. Wish me luck I guess, I have no other choice.