Update from todays meeting?

  1. Does anyone have an update from today's meeting? I know some of you went there and would like to know where this program stands....
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  3. by   puppskmm
    The California BRN meeting held in San Diego started at 9 am. The SSU / ISU issue was 9.4 on the Agenda. Both administrators from Sonoma State University and Indiana State University (the attorney for ISU, nursing deptament: executive director, department chair, and others. The dean of the school of Health and Human Services never came up to the table before the board. He just sat in the audience and never identified himself or made any comments).

    The CA BRN's investigator recapped what had happened. That the Board had received a complaint that caused the Board to invstigate the program. The investigator went to SSU and ISU. Based on the investigation with SSU/ISU, the student's complaint was closed. Shortly thereafter more and more student complaints were received. The board reopened the closed first complaint and also started investigating the other complaints. What they found was Indiana State University had LIED TO THE BOARD. That there were 6 areas of noncompliance (or 6 areas that ISU had broken California or CA BRN law/rules). This lead to both SSU and ISU trying to resolve the noncompliance issues. Four of the 6 areas were fixed but the most important two were not fixed.

    As the investigator was giving her summary, the Board's president cut in. He stated that because the Califoria State University's Chancellor had dissolved the LVN to BSN distant learning SSU/ISU program, the California BRN had no jurisdiction over the program. "You can't force the State to make them keep the program." The information was provided to SSU and to ISU Tuesday, two days before the meeting yet neither university corresponded to their students that the program would officially end December 31st. There would be no teach out or any other type of program to take its place. After the members of the audience heard the news there was a gasp.

    There were a few more questions from the Board and people in the audience were invited to talk. One student asked the ISU administration somethng. There was an answer and the person asked, "How can you sleep at night."

    The minutes of the Board meeting as well as meeting video tape will be posted on the CA BRN website under meetings, Board. For those of you still interested in ISU, review the tape. It is enlightening. How sad such a well planed program could fall apart because of poor administration and greed, fraud, and avarice.
  4. by   blessnme
    Does this program still operates and if so, has it improved?