Nursing 328 Nursing Care for Child and Family ISU - page 2

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I am seeking some advice on this module. This will be my 3rd exam, and I heard from most students that this exam is the toughest one. I am constantly reviewing the quizzes and going back to the chapters. Does anyone have any tips... Read More

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    I believe you would need to, not unless you have taken it before?

    It's an entrance exam for the nursing program. I know all nursing programs are all doing the same.

    June 2012 deadline is for Fall semester and Novemeber 2012 deadline is for Spring semester.

    No worries!
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    oh ok,thanks !
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    HI, ubski

    I received your PM; however, I can't reply because your inbox is full.
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    I took this exam today and passed, this was my last challenge exam.
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    Great job!!!! I can not wait to start!
    I'm taking summer classes at ISU: Patho, Eng 305, and an ethics class so I'll only have to worry about my nursing courses.
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    When does summer start?
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    I enrolled, but don't think I will be taking any classes. I too enrolled in Patho.
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    Awesome! Congrats! How did you prepare for it? Did you also use NCLEX RN Prep books, or did you just use the manual?
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    My summer I classes start June 4. I"m taking Patho and Biomedical Ethics. And for Summer II, I'm taking the Advanced Expository Writing course.
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    I used Reach Nclex Rn booklet among the Wongs Ped Textbook. I wanted to also take Expository Writing also. I will see, wha happens. What state are you in? I am so excited about nursing school, it has truly been a journey.

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