More problems for ISU LVN to BSN in Calif

  1. The Calif Board of Registered Nursing Board meeting held in the San Francisco area last week found that ISU was operating an unapproved nursing program in the State of California, according to the the Nurse Practice Act and Professional Code.

    The Board noted that those codes were very specific: any out-of-state nursing school who wished to offer their program in California had to partner with a valid Board authorized California nursing school. What ISU did was to partner with Sonoma State, who does operate a nursing school. However, ISU never partnered with the Sonoma State Nursing School, but it partnered with SSU's extension program.

    The Board was very specific: to be authorized to provide nursing classes or a nusing school in California, the out-of-state university must partner with an approved California nursing school. ISU only partnered with the extension program at SSU; the LVN to BSN program is not approved in California. Students enrolled in the LVN to BSN ISU program were not enrolled in a California authorized school.

    The board noted that it was ISU who was operated the program, hired lecture and clinical instructors, negotiated contracts with medical facilities and instructors. Sonoma State University, dept of nursing, was not involved in the LVN to BSN ISU program.

    ISU's proglems don't end here. Further, ISU has considerable presence in California, but it failed to sign up with the Calif Secretary of State. According to the Calif Code any company who has considerable presence and does business within California, must be registered with the Secretary of State to protect itself. If the company is not registered and should something happen, such as a lawsuit is filed agaisnt the company, the company could not defend itself because it failed to become a registered California business.
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