LVN-BSN at ISU in California Issues and Updates

  1. LVN-BSN Online at ISU shutting down...Is this true? Does anyone know?
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  3. by   Unicbabe
    Yes I just received a letter from ISU Nursing Dept that Sonoma pulled out of the agreement so we can't continue until they find another institution to oversee our clinical.
  4. by   misspinkmeow
    [FONT=tahoma]I got this email today from ISU after asking for an update. Lets hope it goes well!!!

    " I just want to clarify a few items. Again, I apologize for how this has impacted each and every one of you. I want to make sure that you understand about the teach out plan. SSU indicated to me that all matriculating ISU nursing students, including those admitted fall 2012, would be included in a teach out plan, as far as they are concerned. This is great news because we had few details previously about the newly admitted students for fall 2012. The details and "approval" of that plan will not happen until after the CA BRN meeting on 9/27 and will occur between ISU and SSU. So, although we have more details as to who this will include, we can not proceed until after the September 27th CA BRN meeting. However, I have no doubt that all parties, ISU, SSU and the CA BRN, will come to a favorable solution.

    [FONT=tahoma]The MOU, or partnership agreement between ISU and SSU, was not found to be non-compliant, but the CA BRN determined certain areas of concern or areas they questioned regarding the MOU. We are addressing those concerns and questions.

    [FONT=tahoma]I spoke with *** and she said that you all could drop N304 through MyISU portal. I have submitted your names to Registration and Records and have asked that each of you get 100% refund for N304. If you have any problems with this, please let me know. [FONT=tahoma]I do have assurances that you all can get 100% refund, if necessary, after the outcome of the 9/27 CA BRN meeting for your other courses. However, I do not feel that will be necessary.

    [FONT=tahoma]Please remember for those of your writing the CA BRN or attending the meeting that we will be there to address their concerns and questions. We need to stay as positive as we can to ensure a positive outcome. I feel that we have told you as much as we know. Again, I apologize for the delays in getting information out, but we had to ensure we had correct information as multiple parties are involved. I will keep you all updated as I know more, but I think the news today was very promising and positive. Stay on course, and I will do everything I can to ensure your success with ISU.

    [FONT=tahoma]----------- (hidden name)
    [FONT=tahoma]Executive Director of Nursing"

    Just thought i would share with all of you current and prospective students out there!!
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  5. by   1life2live
    That is good news for you and all ISU/SSU nursing students. Would you happen to know anything about the postpective ISU/SSU students who have passed at least 1 CSM exam? Any hope for us?
  6. by   1life2live
    Any word on those students who have passed at least 1 CSM exam?
  7. by   misspinkmeow
    Im not in the program yet. I was interested in the program and so I inquired about it in detail and after reading posts on here that they were having issues I called ISU to confirm. They were nice enough to email me the status of what is going on and hope that on 9/27 things will be resolved so they can move forward.

    I guess for all the current and future students, it is a wait till further notice.

    Lets hope that SSU, ISU and the BON resolve things so all us students in CA can pursue our dreams.

    For me this would have been perfect, if it does shut down, I will be forced to wait inline with all the other CA students to get my RN license instead of doing it online.

    I really need this program....

    Quote from 1life2live
    That is good news for you and all ISU/SSU nursing students. Would you happen to know anything about the postpective ISU/SSU students who have passed at least 1 CSM exam? Any hope for us?
  8. by   Unicbabe
    You gonna have to email the ISU Nursing Dept to find out.
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  9. by   1life2live
    Okay. Thanks.
  10. by   thunderstruck1397
    Hello fellow nurses and nurses-to-be!! I apologize in advance if this was already posted or discussed. But I just recieved notification that Sonoma State d/c'd their contract with ISU. Unfortunately this means that their LVN-BSN is no longer accredited. Like some of you, I am very upset over this. ESPECIALLY because I purchased the majority of my modules thru The College Network. I know this wasn't the best idea, and I do regret it. HOWEVER, when I called to get information on the situation, they told me everything was fine. ISU was who notified me. I knew they were under BON review, so I was trying my hardest to get answers. AND college network had the nerve to tell me they can't refund me!! I have yet to test out of anything. It's so incredibly frustrating, and I do apologize for the rant. I just felt as though others needed to be aware of the situation. I am appealing my contract with college network, and I do hope it turns out for the best. Does anyone have any insight or any further info on this? Thanks for taking your time to read this
  11. by   thunderstruck1397
    I too received a letter from the dean. It basically stated that as of right now, tey are not partnered with SSU. Unfortunately for me, I went the college network route and am struggling to get a refund. It did state in the letter that they will work with current students. However new admissions not happen. It also stated that it's probable to get a new program established, but it is not guaranteed.
  12. by   thunderstruck1397
    Ooops, I just saw the statement regarding the 9/27 meeting. I guess I should have read the whole thing before replying :-( My letter didn't say that. But I'm glad you posted it. I'm not admitted either, but I'm nervous to continue pursuing it. I don't want to spend money on the testing and not have a program to follow.
  13. by   misspinkmeow
    Same here. I'm hoping that this gets resolved or starts a new one. It worked before it should work again...
  14. by   thunderstruck1397
    Hopefully. I guess I'll just continue with the pre-reqs outside of College Network. I see they merged our threads btw, just noticed that!! I will try my best to keep you updated