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  1. Hello-
    Considering going to the ISU program and would love to hear feedback from people who graduated from the program or who are in phase 3. Do you feel this program prepares you well for the NCLEX? Do you know what the drop out rate is and what the NCLEX pass rate is?

    Did you ever wish that you stuck with the traditional nursing program instead? If so, why?

    I'm a recent LPN grad, and on the waitlist to earn my ADN and have to wait 1.5 years to get back into the program. My academic records have been reviewd by TCN, and if I start ISU program now, I can potentially have my BSN by Fall 2014. Is this too good to be true?
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  3. by   2brn09
    My first advice is for you not to go through college network. They are a publishing company and you can go through ISU directly. I have not graduated from ISU but will be starting the Fall 2012. Read the thread under Distance Education, there are several and ladyinscrubs is currently in the program. There is a wealth of information on this forum.
  4. by   LadyinScrubs
    Wholeheartedly agree with 2brn09. You do not need TCN to take the 4 challenge courses as once you pay for the test, ISU will provide you with a study guide and objectives. Just study what they suggest and buy a good comprehensive RN NCLEX study guide that has questions and rationales, and you should do fine. The tests are no walk in the park as they are probably equal to the final exam for the class.

    As far as being well prepared for the NCLEX after you graduate, I would say, yes. Additionally, ISU will require you to buy the ATI NCLEX readiness program and for each class, pass the corresponding ATI NCLEX readiness exam for the subject. I can testify to the quality of the first half of the program, as I am half way through.