Indiana State University LPN-BSN 2012

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    I am due to start the LPN-BSN program at Indiana State University in the fall of 2012 and decided to start a thread for fellow students who may be starting around the same time so that we can connect and support each other.
    I'm in Maryland

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    I'm do to start in fall 2012 also. Have you taken the TEAS and Challenge Exams?
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    I have taken the TEAS last year at my current nursing school. I was told that I need to retake the science portion because I got a 50%, and ISU's passing rate is 52%.
    I graduate from my current LPN Program in December, so I probably won't take the Challenge Exams until after I take the NCLEX-PN.
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    Have you taken any of your other prereqs in Phase 1? I will be taking Teas this week. Nur 106 next week. Are you aiming to all of them done before June 1st 2012 deadline? I'm in Georgia.
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    I am shopping for a LPN-RN program as well. What made you pick Indiana State?
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    The flexebility of the program. I can still work and set my clinicals around my work hours. You choose a preceptor in your area. What state are you in?
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    I chose ISU because it was nationally accredited and a lot of nurses I spoke with in my area (At Johns Hopkins and NIH) said that it was a very good program.

    I have taken all of my pre-reqs, 2brn. I'm definitely aiming to have all of m challenge exams done by June. I almost got sucked into TCN, but I've read a lot of posts that said they were unnecessary and too expensive. You only pay for the study guides and they are $630/ piece...No thanks! I will just make good use of the text books that I've already paid $200+ for and ATI helps a lot. And ISU already uses ATI so it's an easy transition.
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    Great! i'm looking for ward to my studies with them. From my understanding ISU have a great reputation.
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    Me too. I'm so excited.
    I will keep the thread updated on my progress.
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    Hello. Will be starting Fall 2012 also. Have to take a chemistry class, test out of micro, do the 4 nursing tests, and the teas. Will be a busy next 6 months. I already have a bachelors in social work so once in the program just the nursing reqs needed. I'm glad a new current thread was started. Anyone else testing out of micro? any info given would be helpful. Good talking to you guys.

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