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  1. I am in my second semester at indiana state nursing school.the program is alot of work and the faculties are there to answer your questions.You are responsible for your own clinical but an option to take it in another state is available and also your responsibility to set it up or initiate another clinical site.You have got to really want to be a BSN holder to be in this program.If you want them to remind you of your work and test due dates,then you are getting into a wrong program;this is a program for dedicated and matured adult.Excuses upon excuses is not an option.California students and clinical problems doesnt concern me because i am not in there shoes.If you are in a state that accepts indiana state,then this program is good.I used college network because i am busy and need a program to help me achieve my goals.Call indiana state for whatever questions you may ask.Dont worry yourself about california if you dont live there.I won't have time to read and respond to questions because i have alot of school work and readings to do.I will check once in a while when i have the chance to do so.Goodluck to you all and i am not their representative.I am a student and just want to reach out to those that are doubting the program.
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  3. by   gmusi1
    Hello my dear,I am interested in the ISU nursing program and have applied two days ago in to the institution.Please how can you be of help to me me in preparation of the CMS (four courses) exams.Must confess that i love your spirit.Keep it ip!If you need my number,will be glad to message it to you private.Thank you in advance!
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    I just started the CMS courses with the College Network to enter into ISU's LVN to BSN program...I live in CA and they finally started accepting us within certain zip codes. They apparently were able to get their contracts for clinical rotations with the VA and CA Dept. of Corrections.

    In regards to studying for the 4 CMS Nursing Courses I suggest you utilize the College Network because if you fail the exam ISU is going to refer you to them anyway. I really do not know what all the hype is about regarding TCN because they really give you everything you need to be successful in passing all the courses leading into applying for ISU.

    I would love someone to study with (I am in Life Span Psych hell right and only have this course plus Mico, Chem, and Patho to finish before I am able to test out of the 4 nursing courses.

    Shoot me a PM with you info if you are interested in study together either by email, Skype, Face Time or phone and I will do the same when I get your info.

  5. by   gmusi1
    call me at 2407552443. my name is Geraldine
  6. by   Hotyoungmom
    Quote from gmusi1
    call me at 2407552443. my name is Geraldine
    How far are you in the program? Based off your area code I live in the same area. I would be live it if you can offer me any advice
  7. by   RNWANDABE
    HI, I am looking in to ISU AT THIS TIME. Can you tell me if they take straighter line, clep and Excelsior college course?
  8. by   Nursetomd2016
    Contact Indiana state directly to know what they take.
  9. by   Tiarae17
    I have purchased the TCN modules for $2500! I hate even saying that one I bought them and two they are actually extremely helpful. I am here if any one needs or has any questions regarding the modules.
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