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Just got the mail after chasing the mail man down the road and I got accepted into Bloomington for the transitional LPN-ASN starting in May!!! OMG I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Read More

  1. by   muncieLPN34
    Brenda, Still no letter as of today. As of last Weds Muncie still had not sent them out. I will harrass them tomorrow once again and call them. Don't they all have a deadline they are supposed to mail them by? I was not so nervous before, but now I am beginning to get that burning feeling in the pit of my stomach...Oh least now I wont eat everything in site...LOL

    Kate...Those are awsome scores. Your TEAS, and your grades are great to get in the program. Esp. if you get an A or B on your last pre req. GOOD LUCK...I'm sure you'll get in!

  2. by   Innurse78
    Thats strange that Muncie has not sent them out yet!!!
    I was able to call Columbus and a little bird told me there.

    Keep harrassing! But I AM positive you are in!!!!!!!!!! I know it!

  3. by   muncieLPN34
    Hey Brenda,

    Listen to this...I called Muncie again this morn. I didn't sleep a wink last night. The lady who answered said. "No, we haven't sent them out yet, we are trying for this week, but if not we will deff. have them out next week."
    What the heck is up w/ that? ...LOL..We had to have our crap in by the deadline, now why arent' they abiding to their deadline?:angryfire
    Well, back to the bottle and candy bars...I will be an official ancoholic and 500lbs after all is said and done, and I wont be able to peform as a nurse....LOL

  4. by   Innurse78
    How many students does Muncie take for the transitional program?
    Thats ridicilious to make you wait like that!
    Was she the nursing chair you spoke with?
    If not, you may want to call the nursing chair, tell her you need to know ASAP if your in or not.
    Did you apply anywhere else or just Muncie?

    Brenda (want me to get the ninjas together and make a trip up north for you?) :sasq: :trout:
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  5. by   muncieLPN34

    No, it wasn't the program chair, but I have called 3 diff times over the past couple of weeks, and got diff. people and the same answer. No, they haven't sent them out yet...LOL..What was the dead line they were supposed to have them out? I was sure I saw a paper w/ a dealine for letters. Anyway, I can't believe they told you over the phone...Lucky Duck!!!! I guess what will be will be, and not amount of speeding it up will change whatever the answer is. So I will hope and pray for a good one...LOL..And Muncie takes 40 for transitional. But you know you always hear people talking about they got int he 90's and have all A's on prereqs, so you never now....
    Send in the TROOPS!!!
  6. by   Innurse78
    I had 3 A's, 1B and an 84.2% on my TEAS. I had my app in the 1st week of January. What was your scores and when did you ahve your application in??

    Do you have any of your co-req's done? If they need to look at that because of a tie or anything, I was told by the nursing chair at the meeting that they look to see how many of those you have done.
    I don't think there is a deadline as to when they send them out.

    40 is a good size class.
    ( snatches away your Jack and chocolates).

    Breath deeppppppppppppppppppp.
    Keep saying, I will get in, I will get in.................Cause I know you will!!!!!!!
    ( a little duck told me that too)!!!!!!!!

  7. by   muncieLPN34

    I had 82.5% on TEAS, and 2 A's, and 2 B's. And I had my app. in a couple weeks before it was due. I am in 2 of my coreq's right now. I have on other done, the math which I only got a C in. They just say when I call that they are working on getting them out, but have not sent any as of yet. So I will just keep my finger's crossed and pray. That looks kinda silly doing, but I am kinda silly about now!..LOL

  8. by   muncieLPN34
    Hey Brenda,

    Still no word...LOL...I did get a date yesterday when I called. The secretary said the letters will be going out this Thursday. So should know by the weekend if they really get them out. Why are they trying to make us all crazy? GEESH!

  9. by   Innurse78
    Just yesterday I got my letter from Columbus........but I already knew the answer.

    I think its unrespectfull to make applicants wait like that!
    We go like crazy to make sure WE have all the info to them by a certain date.......they should respectfully do the same.
    After all...................WE are paying THEM to educate US. Its not like it a freebie!

    Hopefully you will have that accceptance leter in your hand by the weekend!

    ( step away from the chocolate)!!!!

  10. by   muncieLPN34

    Did you get accepted to Columbus as well? And how did you already know the answer? They are so tight lipped at Muncie even after making us sweat all this time.

    Thanks for all the support,

    p.s. Do you know if they send letters if you don't get in too?
  11. by   Innurse78
    Yes, I got in at Columbus as well.
    A little "birdie" told me there last week( I personally know someone at the campus) but I got the official letter yesterday.
    Yes, they do send out three types of letters;
    1) acceptance
    2) Waiting list if anyone drops out or refuses their acceptance letter.
    3) Absolute denial letter.

    You have had such a long hard wait but I am positive you will get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have my orientation on April 4th and that is when we get our schedules, cost info, medical forms we need to have filed out, and we also order our uniforms and pay for them on that day.
    Do you have a copy of your MMR shots? If not, you will either need to get one or have a titer done at the time of your physical.( shots are much faster than waiting for a titer to come back and also cheaper) Thank god I found mine as I had to have them when I moved here from Canada in 2000.
    Columbus states they need 2 MMR vacc. dates...........but I think B-twon only needs one.
    So you could look that do a google search for Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp to oggle over while you wait........LOLOL!
    I was lucky and really endulged in my micro class. I only have 2 labs left to do, 2 more tests and 3 quizzes and I will be done. I am about 1 month ahead..........a driven women to help pass the time!

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. Hopefully your letter will go out tomorrow and you will have it on Friday.
    They mailed ours on a Wed and I had mine the next day.
    I am sending MY absolute best wishes, good voodoo your way.
    Your IN girlfriend. I just know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get your stethescope warmed up......your off to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *wine

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