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To Change Schools or NOT?!

  1. 0 I decided a few years ago to go for my RN and at IvyTech Logansport ( 3 miles from home).. took all my pre req's and more.....
    I get A's in most everything. am PTK, and seem to be well liked by faculty and staff here. My delima...

    I have taken the TEAS test twice and have not had a passing overall grade! I actually got very high scores in most, but my math brought the overall way down and it didn't pass.... Well, I know IUK ( kokomo), does not TAKE the TEAS..
    I am intimidated about even passing, or trying to again.. ( I was still hoping to apply for fall 2010.....).
    If I do go to IUK I will end up with a bachelors, compared to the ivytech associate, but then A few RN's tell me if you are an RN, you are an RN.. Sure they SAY they want bachelor's but I would most likely be just fine, and then I do want to take schooling later anyway! The thing is it will take me MORE years. anyone have any similar experiences or input? I appreciate it!
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    Id definately attempt it for your third time. I took it about 6 years ago and failed the science part which made me fail the entire test. I decided nursing probaby wanst for me and went on for medical assisting. Now I wish I would have stuck with it before I got married, had kids and bils etc. I just took the teas last week and scored an 83 overall. Still room for improvement but I was just relieved I passed. How are you studying? I used a ged book for the science and I felt more prepared. I think the resr of the test was pretty basic stuff. I still struggled some on the science tho. Id hang in there and take it again. Since todays the deadline for fall you prob have missed it. I'm applying by sept 1 for spring. GL!