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Hey, all! I hope everyone is doing well as our semesters are coming to and end. I'm going to be taking the version v teas test over xmas break and was looking for any advice/tips people have to do well. I'm mostly worried about... Read More

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    does the computerized teas v give you results right away?

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    Hi Nurses! I'm prepping to take my Teas in 3 days. I am studying for the science part and I'm freaking out because it is a lot of information to know. Could you please let me know what topics did they cover on the Teas exam? I am taking the version 5 Teas.. Please let me know..thank you!
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    Just going off the test that I took back in February...

    Know your chemistry, know what the equation is for the photosynthetic process (yeah, that was one of the random questions that got stuck in mine lol), review your anatomy and physiology, and also know how to read an mRNA codon chart.

    There are obviously going to be more things that you'll be tested over than just that stuff on the science section, but those are what I can remember standing out the most to me when I took it.
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    Thank you Wannabanrnin2012!

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