Purdue Accelerated 2nd Bach degree program 2011

  1. Anyone out there applying for this? I was thinking about it but it would def be difficult. Any one have any advice or insight to getting in the program?
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  3. by   CJMR
    I wanted to get into that program. The pre-requisites ended up being a full year longer than IU's 2nd degree program so I ended up choosing IU. Purdue required a semester of biology before A&P and a full year of chemistry whereas IU didn't. But I heard IUN just added some additional requirements to their program as well.

    I heard both rely heavily on your GPA when selecting students.
  4. by   greencha
    I'm in the 2010 Fall 2nd Bachelors Accelerated Nursing now, and yeah, there's a pretty hefty requirements list. I think you really need to sit down with a counselor and check off your pre-reqs. My A&P was over 5yrs old so I had to retake it again, but they let me slide on the 2nd semester since it was right on the borderline. If you set an appointment and work with the advisor, they'll help you get all your classes in. As for IU vs. Purdue, I had to pick Purdue since I was a prior Purdue student and transferring of credits turned out to be a lot easier than with IU.
    Anyways, good luck with whichever program you end up with!
  5. by   BobbieGee
    I applied in January 2013. I just received notice for an interview and in the course of preparing for it. It's in a few days. I haven't heard of or been able to find any information or posts from someone inside the program. (DRATS!)